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It is a well-established fact that a company benefits from the prompt and adequate IT support for business. Choose Practical Computer Services, and you will realize that PC tech services can work miracles when it comes to the sustainability of your company!

Practical PC Tech Services

What We Offer

On-Site and Remote IT Support for Small Business


A critical service that I provide is the ability to diagnose computer problems both remotely or on-site and to stabilize the system and get the user back up and running. Part of this service is being proactive with patch releases or operating system upgrades announced by the vendors. Additionally, I will notify our clients of virus or email attacks that surface.

Infrastructure Review and Installation


We have all experienced a situation where a business selects a vendor to provide new or additional business equipment or computer support services. And it never seems to go as planned. I work with the client and the vendor to define the scope and deliverables. We can develop a realistic schedule and ensure successful installation and configuration.

Data Center Operations Support


I offer “On-Demand’ operations support for both local and remote locations. I can provide technical assistance and planning on a short term basis to fill the gap realistically. Regular status reporting and scheduled review meetings will ensure that the data center is functioning as expected. All critical situations can and will be appropriately managed!

Data Center Migration Services


As businesses expand and contract, so does the state of their data center infrastructure. In some cases, it is strategically better to relocate or combine data center services. With my IT support for business, we can plan the process from basic forklift relocation, possible virtualization, new site startup, and “lights out” of the existing operation.

System Configuration Review and Analysis


Sometimes, for no good reason, a computer seems to be slow or unreliable. As part of the initial PC tech services, I will analyze all of the existing equipment installed. I can also verify that the network is working correctly. I will check the installed computer upgrades and analyze backup and restore services. All of this is critical for a computer system to function.

Disaster Recovery Planning


Because of the dependence and criticality of the business data, a disaster recovery plan has to be #1 item on the list of computer support services for small business. I can work with you and your D/R vendor (if needed) to define what needs to be protected. Jointly, we will set the schedule and technical requirements to implement a cost-effective solution.

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