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My profound expertise in PC tech help allows me to provide reliable computer services at home, both on-site and remote. With Practical Computer Services, your home-based computer will amaze you with its functionality and performance.

Computer Services at Home for Everybody

How I Can Help

Remote PC Support


With Practical Computer Services, you can stop worrying about your computer performance. I can back you up in any critical situation within minutes. Thanks to the remote PC support, you know for sure that your operating system is upgraded and well-protected against all sorts of computer bugs.

Installation and Configuration PC Tech Help


I can provide computer services at home that include the installation and configuration of any software. Be it an operating system, an upgrade for your Photoshop program, or a new antivirus - I can install it all. Once installed, we can configure the software together so that it works the way you see fit.

PC System Analysis


If your PC does not work the way it used to or you experience any sort of difficulties, contact me. I will thoroughly analyze your operating system, upgrade it (if needed), and verify its safety. My home PC services also include reviewing all the programs you use, like antivirus, browsers, etc.

Why Computer Services At Home

PC Tech Help Matters. Big Time

There are many reasons why you should choose Practical Computer Services, and namely:


I offer the unparalleled remote PC support on a 24/7 basis should any critical situation arise.


At Practical Computer Services, I am flexible regarding hours of operation and offer personalized PC tech services.


I am located in the town of Warwick but provide computer services at home all over the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.